Password Enable Disable Script

Secret word is called the password. In this Password Enable Disable Script is used to enable or disable a password text box on this browser.

Demo :

Password :    

Example :

You just click in Disable button the password text box will be disabled and the disable button will be change to enable.

Code :

Following code is disable and enable for a password text box.If you need to copy and use it.

function disable_enable_fun()
  if(document.getElementById('button').value =='Disable')
    document.getElementById('enable_disable_fun').disabled = true;
    document.getElementById('button').value ='Enable';
    document.getElementById('enable_disable_fun').disabled = false;
    document.getElementById('button').value ='Disable';

In the above disable_enable_fun() function have using to disable and enable for a password.When you click in the Disable button will execute disable_enable_fun() function and in the password will disabled and button value will change to Enable.

Free Download Script:

If you need to Password Enable Disable Script click and download from following zip file.