Textarea Enable Disable Script

In this Textarea Enable Disable Script is used to enable or disable a textarea on this browser or client side.

Demo :

Textarea :     

Example :

You just click in Disable button then ask confirm message is like "Are You Sure?, You Want to Disable This Textarea". If you click which confirm ok button textarea box will be disable. This will happen again and again based on your enable and diable clicking button.

Code :

Following code is disable and enable for a text area.If you need to copy and use it.

function disable_enable_fun()
  if(document.getElementById('button').value =='Disable')
    document.getElementById('enable_disable_fun').disabled = true;
    document.getElementById('button').value ='Enable';
    document.getElementById('enable_disable_fun').disabled = false;
    document.getElementById('button').value ='Disable';

In the above disable_enable_fun() function have using to disable and enable for a textarea.When you click in the Disable button will execute disable_enable_fun() function and in the textarea will disabled and button value will change to Enable.

Free Download Script:

If you need to Textarea Enable Disable Script click and download from following zip file.