Check Box Validate Script

Tick box or Check Box is one type for user input option.which is normally shown white color on the screen.In this Check Box validate Script is used to validate is check or uncheck for a tick or check box.

Demo :

check box 1 :    check box 2 :    

Example :

Just click in validate button the java script alert will say 'Please Select Any One check box'   then if you like to select any one check box.

Code :

If you need to validate a check box following code helpful to want to your web site copy and use it.

function validate()
      alert('Please Select Any One check box');
      return false;

In the above validate() function have using validate for a check box.if you not selected any one option the alert will displaying "Please Select Any One check box" message.

Free Download Script:

If you need to check box validate script click and download from following zip file.

Download -->