Array Add and Remove Element Script

Array Add and Remove Element Script is used to remove and re indexed from an entire array list.

Demo :

Array List :
Array Values Are :
Type array value :    

Example :

Just type a number or character to array list like this a, b, c, d and then click add button,now will be to stored the value for array and display in this array values below of form .If you need to remove array values, type array values at text box and then click remove and re index the output will display at below side.

Following code is array add and remove script core if you need to download it.

$array_values = array();
$array_values = 'a,b,c,d';

In the above entire array list has been stored in $array_values variables and it unset($array_values[2]) function is remove to the c values and print_r(),array_values() function is used to reset the entire array list.

Free Download Script :

If you need to Array Add and Remove Element Script and download from following link.