Remove Duplicate Array Element script

Remove Duplicate Array Element Script is use to remove the all duplicate elements from entire input a array list.

Demo :

Array List :

Example :

Just type a number or character to Array List like this a , b ,c ,d,a,b,c,d. Now will be to store the value for array.then click remove button output will be display like this a, b, c, d.

if you need to Remove Duplicate Array Element core code following code useful to you.

  $numbers = array(10,20,10,40,35,80,35,50,55,10,55,30,40,70,50,10,35,85, 40,90,30);
  echo join(", ", array_unique($numbers));

In the above entire array list has been stored in $numbers variable.then this $numbers variable pass to array_unique() predefined function then finally output will display in the broswer.

Free Download Script :

If you need to remove duplicate array element script click and download from following link.