Check Date Validity Script

Check Date Validity Script is use to check if a particular date is valid.

Demo :

Date: Month : Year :  

Example :

Valid Date is : Date : 29 , Month : 02 , Year : 2020
Invalid date is : Date : 29, Month : 02 , Year : 2019

Code :

Following code is used to check validate date if you need code to copy and use to your website.

  $date = 20;
  $month = 12;
  $year = 2020;
  echo checkdate($month,$date,$year) ? "Valid date" : "Invalid date";

Applications that accept date input from a user must validate this input before using it for calculations or date operations. The checkdate() function simplifies this task considerably. It accepts a series of three arguments, representing day, month and year, and returns a Boolean value indicating whether the combination make up a legal date.

Free Download Script :

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