Trigonometric Calculation Script

Study of the Relationships of Lines & Angles in the Triangle is called trigonometric.Trigonometric Calculation script is use to calculate sine or cosine of an angle.

Demo :

Type Number  

Example :

Type Number : 20

If you need to Trigonometric Calculation Script code you will copy and use to your website.

 $angle = 20;
  Sine :  echo sin($angle);
  Cos :  echo cos($angle);
  Tan :  echo tan($angle);
  Asin :  echo asin($angle);
  Acos : echo acos($angle);
  Atan :  echo atan($angle);
  Sinh : echo sinh($angle);
  Cosh :  echo cosh($angle);
  Tanh : echo tanh($angle);

In the above code used to calculate sines, cosines, and tangents for any angle.While there aren't yet built-in functions to calculate secants, cosecants, and cotangents, it's still fairly easy to calculate these inversions with the functions that are available.

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