Html acronym tag

In the html <acronym> is used to specify an the another word is NATO and which give spellcheckers, translation systems, screen readers and search-engines for browser.In this element is not added in html5 because lot of confusion affected if you use.if you need to use alternative <abbr> tag.

In this <acronym> tag is not support all browser and also not support earlier version Of IE this tag attributes are classname, rtl, id, language_code, style_definition and language_code.


<acronym> --- </acronym>

Example Code

<acronym title="Linux Is Not Unix">Linux </acronym> is a operating system.

Out Put:

Linux is a operating system.

In the above example <acronym> tag has been aplied to Linux word. if you put cursor at linux word that will display " linux is not unix " this is observation for linux.