html Area Tag

The html <area> tag is used to link to inside of image and this called the image map and which tag always we will use to inside of <map> tag. After create in this image map if you click go to another page.The usemap attribute is use to relationship between the image and the map.

Example Code

<img src="images/html-5-image-map.jpg" usemap="#image_map" />
<map name="image_map">
  <area shape="rect" coords="0,0,30,35" alt="A icons" href="free-icons/alphabet-characters/lower-case-letter/a-icon.php"/>
  <area shape="rect" coords="0,0,70,50" alt="B Icons" href="free-icons/alphabet-characters/lower-case-letter/b-icon.php"/>

Out Put :

Sun Sun

In the above example A and B letter have in single image but if you click A image the link will go to alphabet a icons and if you click B icon the link go to alphabet b icon.