html h2 Tag

In the Html <h2> tag is used to indicate level 2 for heading. Which head tag has to six levels that is <h1> - <h6> .h1 is a most important and h6 is a least important. In the head tag some browser delivers different size that is <h1> is being the largest and h6 is being smallest.

Html <h2> tag is used to describe html heading and which browser supported in all main browsers. <h2> tag standard attributes are classname, rtl, id, language_code, style_definition and xml:lang and optional attributes are left, right ,center and justify.


<h2> ... </h2>

Example Code

<h2>Level 2 Heading Tag </h2>

Out Put :

Level 2 Heading Tag

In the above example h2 tag have been added to Level 2 Heading Tag Sentence.