html Ol Tag

In the html <ol> tag is used to identify an ordered list and in the order list we are using numbered normally and also you can use numerical and alphabetical. In the <li> tag is identify list item and you can use inside of <ol> tag. The css list-style-type property you can use for numerals. Which tag supported in all main browsers.

The optional attributes are compact, start, type and standard attributes are class, dir, id, lang, style, title and xml:lang and event attributes are onclick,ondblclick, onmousedown ,onmousemove, onmouseout, onmouseover ,onmouseup ,onkeydown ,onkeypress and onkeyup.


<ol> ... </ol>

Example Code

<p> Car Name List </p>
  <li>Javelin Car </li>
  <li>Jetta Car </li>
  <li>Kodiak Car </li>

Out Put:

Car Name List

  1. Javelin Car
  2. Jetta Car
  3. Kodiak Car

In the above example <li> tag has been added for car name list.