Php Sort() Function

Php sort() functions used to sorting an array values from array list. Which function is assign new keys for array list and if have already exist keys form array list it will remove. Which function returns two output that are True and Flase, True means Success and False means failure.

Demo :

Array List :
Array ( )

Example :

Just fill array list like this a,d,b,e,c,f.Now will be to stored at arrays list then click sort button finally out put will display like this Array ( [0] => a [1] => b [2] => c [3] => d [4] => e [5] => f ).

Following code is array sort function code if you need to download and use to your website.

  $animals = array("wolf", "lion", "tiger", "iguana", "bear", "zebra", "leopard");

In the above entire array list has been stored in $animals variable.Then sort() function arrange the all animals name by alphabets.

Free Download Script :

If you need to php array sort function code click and download from following link.