Compound Interest Calculation Script

Compound Interest Calculation Script is used to find the future value of a sum of money, given a fixed interest rate.

Demo :

Present Value : Int Rate :
Num Periods :  

Example :

Present Value : 100000
Interest rate per compounding period : 8
Number of compounding periods : 6

Following code is Compound Interest Calculation Script core code if you need to copy and use to your website.

$Present_Value = 100000;
$Int_Rate = 8;
$Num_Periods = 6;

$Future_Value = round($Present_Value * pow(1 + ($Int_Rate/100),$Num_Periods), 2);
echo "$Present_Value @ $Int_Rate % over $Num_Periods periods becomes $Future_Value";

The formula to calculate the future value (F) of a particular amount (P), given a fixed interest rate (r) and a fixed number of years (n) is F = P(1 + r/100)n. Performing the calculation in PHP is a simple matter of turning this formula into executable code. Nevertheless, you'd be surprised how many novice programmers forget all about PHP's operator precedence rules and, as a result, generate incorrect results. The previous listing uses braces to correctly define the order in which the variables are processe

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