Html 5 what is

HTML5 is a Hyper Text Markup Language version 5 . Which is using to structuring and presenting content for the internet or world wide web.Html and Xhtml both are use on the world wide web and html5 syntax is have in html and xhtml . HTML files are easy to stored at web server or any other place and file extension should be 'html' or 'htm.'.

HTML5- Features

  • HTML5 has been added <video>, <audio>, and <canvas> elements for media
  • HTML5 has been integrated to SVG content.which features is used to multimedia and graphical content for the web site.
  • Also have to added <section>, <article>, <header>, and <nav> elements for content
  • Also have to added APIs and DOM concepts

HTML5- Rules

  • Html5 should be based on HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript
  • HTML5 should be device independent
  • HTML5 is reduce the need for external plugins like Flash