Html5 Noframes Tag

In the html5 <noscript> tag is used to disable scripts for browser or does not support client side scripting. Which tag you can use inside of body for html can join in this tag at <script> element.If you need to use <noscript> tag ,put content or any tag between <noscript> and </noscript> tag.


<noscript> ... </noscript>

Example Code

<input type="button" onclick="alert('This does not applied <noscript> tag');" value="Button1" />
<input type="button" onclick="<noscript> alert('This does applied <noscript> tag'); </noscript> " value="Button2" />

Out Put:

In the above example have in two buttons. In the first button is does not applied <noscript> tag so if you click button the alert will say to 'This does not applied <noscript> tag' message will display and in the second button does applied <noscript> tag if you click button any alert will not display here.