Html5 map tag

In the html5 <map> tag is used to identify an image map and also which tag is used to create image map inside of <area> and <img> tag. The name, usemap attributes will use for <map> tag. The name attributes is using for image map name and usemap attributes is using for create to relationship between map and source image.


<map> ... </map>

Example Code

<img src = "../../images/html-tutorial.jpg" border = "0" usemap = "#html_tutorial" />
  <map name = "html_tutorial">
  <area shape = "rect" coords = "0,0,230,126" href = "../../html5-tutorials/html5-what-is.php" alt = "Html Tutorials" target = "_blank" />

Out Put:

Html Tutorials Html Tutorials

In the above example has been applied <map> tag for HTML keyword.if you click HTML word, it open new page and you can not click tutorial keyword.