Html5 Ol Tag

In the html5 <ol> tag is used to identify an ordered list and in the order list we are using numbered normally. In the <li> tag is identify list item and you can use inside of <ol> tag.In the <ol> tag supported <start> attribute in html5 and "reversed" attribute introduced on html5. The css list-style-type property you can use for numerals.


<ol> ... </ol>

Example Code

<p> Car Name List </p>
  <li>Javelin Car </li>
  <li>Jetta Car </li>
  <li>Kodiak Car </li>

Out Put:

Car Name List

  1. Javelin Car
  2. Jetta Car
  3. Kodiak Car

In the above example <li> tag has been added for car name list.