Html5 li tag

In the html5 <li> tag is used to details a list item for menu list, directory, ordered and unordered and also you can join with the <ol>,<ul> and <menu> tag.In the type attribute is not supported in HTML5 and value attribute is supported in HTML5 and in the value attribute supported only with in order list.


<li> ... </li>

Example Code

  <li>Javelin Car </li>
  <li>Jetta Car </li>
  <li>Kodiak Car </li>

  <li>Mirage Car </li>
  <li>Ford Car </li>
  <li>Fox Car </li>

  <li>Club Wagon Car </li>
  <li>Colorado Car</li>
  <li>Colt Car</li>

Out Put:

  1. Javelin Car
  2. Jetta Car
  3. Kodiak Car
  • Mirage Car
  • Ford Car
  • Fox Car
  • Club Wagon Car
  • Colorado Car
  • Colt Car
  • In the above example has been added car list for <ol>,<ul> and <menu> tag.