What is Php

PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor is a web development dynamic web scripting programing language which can embedded into the HTML and interacts with databases.PHP applications normally implement in linux web server and conjunction with MySQL databases.PHP created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995.which is free software released under the PHP License.

Php - how php working

PHP scripts are executed on the web server and result is returned as html code to web browser.

Php - Features

  • PHP is used create Ecommerce applications.
  • PHP is simple to code than any CGI programs like perl.
  • PHP can be installed on LINUX machine running any web server.
  • HTTP-based authentication control - PHP can be used to create HTTP-based authentication for the Apache web server.
  • ISP Safe Mode support - PHP supports an unique "Safe Mode" . which is multiple users run PHP scripts on the same web server.
  • HTTP cookies - Cookies is used in php language for storing data in the remote browser and catching return to users.
  • Object Oriented model-PHP 5 have added and improved support for object-oriented programmings.