php ini dynamic extensions

This section contains a single directive, extension.


The extension directive is used to dynamically load a particular module. On the Win32 operating system, a module might be loaded like this:

extension = php_java.dll

On Unix, it would be loaded like this:

extension =

Keep in mind that on either operating system, simply uncommenting or adding this line doesn't necessarily enable the relevant extension. You'll also need to ensure that the appropriate software is installed on the operating system. For example, to enable Java support, you also need to install the JDK.

Windows Extensions

Note : that ODBC support is built in, so no dll is needed for it.Note that many DLL files are located in the extensions/ (PHP 4) ext/ (PHP 5) extension folders as well as the separate PECL DLL download (PHP 5). sure to appropriately set the extension_dir directive.