Html what is

HTML is a Hyper Text Markup Language. it is used to structuring and presenting content for the internet or world wide web.Html and Xhtml both are use on the world wide web and html syntax is have in html and xhtml . HTML files are easy to stored at web server or any other place and file extension should be 'html' or 'htm.'.

HTML - how html working

HTML files are stored on a web server for user to view through the Internet.These type of page also can be viewed from a CD or a hard disk directly.HTML is not case sensitive and can be easy to update after the file is created.

HTML - Features

  • HTML is a simple and flexible language.
  • HTML is a also multi - purpose tool which is support for several scripting and programming languages.
  • HTML is a free and also open soure, it is not have any owner that or controll by any separate organization.