Html Object Tag

If you need multimedia file to include on your web page to use <object> tag like this videos, activex, java applets, PDF , flash and you can use <param> tag inside of object element.

In the <param> tag is used to passing parameter for <object> tag and <object> tag is used to embed another html page into your current HTML page.In the html <object> tag are not supported some html 4.01 attribute. You can use form attribute for <object> tag.

The optional attributes are align, archive, border, classid, codebase, codetype ,data ,declare ,height ,hspace ,name ,standby ,type, usemap ,vspace ,width and standard attributes are class,dir ,id ,lang ,style ,tabindex ,title ,xml:lang and event attributes are onclick ,ondblclick ,onmousedown,onmousemove ,onmouseout ,onmouseover ,onmouseup ,onkeydown, onkeypress ,onkeyup.


<object> ... </object>

Example Code

<object type="video/clock" data="video/" width="100" height="100"> </object>

In the above example embed object tag for clock movie from server.