html Param Tag

In the html <param> tag is used to variable passing for an <object> tag or <applet> tag and which tag you can set to run time. Which tag use to inside of <object> tag.

In the type and valuetype attributes are not support in html. In the <param> tag is an empty tag for a html page and it means you can not to put close tag.All main browsers is supported in <param> tag.which tag has no end tag and xhtml <param> tag should be close properly.

The <param> required attributes is name and optional attributes are type, value, valuetype and standard attributes is id.event attributes does not support <param> tag.


  <param />

Example Code

<object data="mp3/mp3.ogg">
  <param name="autoplay" value="false" />

In the above example <param> tag has been added inside of <object> tag.