html Base Tag

The html base tag is used to indicate for relative Url or links. which tag indicates default target and default address for all links at page. The base tag must be inside of head element.example once you can set base url at top place of inside head tag you can use that base url in current page.Maximum one <base> element should be in a html page.


   <base href="..." />

Example Code

  <base href="" target="_blank" />
   <p>Learn about <a href="html-what-is.php">html What is</a> </p>
   <p>Learn about <a href="tag/video.php">html Video </a> </p>
   <p>Learn about <a href="tag/audio.php">html Audio </a> </p>

Out Put :

Learn about html What is

Learn about html Video

Learn about html Audio

In the above example Learn about html What is,Learn about html Video and Learn about html Audio are html tutorial link.In this three link base end will be linked to <a> tag and it base url contain at inside head element.